Monday, July 28, 2014

Alameda and Oakland Schools Highlight Cultural Diversity and Global Connection

Globalize 2014

InSolidarity and Urban Youth Ambassadors are Educators and Youth Developers who value Global Education.  We recognize the cultural, political and social benefits of a Global curriculum and want to remove barriers to Global Education.  In 2014, we created Globalize and asked educators, youth developers and global education advocates to join a campaign to build global education in the Bay Area. 
Globalize was two weeks of Global Education advocacy and activity to help elementary, middle and high school communities explore Global learning and it’s relevance.  In collaboration with Bay Area Community Resources; Afterschool Programs we surveyed over 30 educators, hosted a series of workshops and events exposing students and educators to global issues and tools to build global learning.

Global Education can appear big, broad and overwhelming.  And though it is big and broad, Global Education does not have to be overwhelming.  Globalize was a fun, collaborative way to show underrepresented communities and disciplines Global Education  can be accessible and  is a necessary tool to increase academic engagement, academic achievement and personal leadership. 

For the Full Report click here.

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