Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Global Partnership for Youth: Education


More than 69% (520,000) young people voted for “a good education” in the MyWorld2015 survey, making it their top priority. In consultations and meetings in the past few years, young people have asked for engagement in the design, content and delivery of education to ensure that it is responsive to the real and current needs of those people to whom it is intended to benefit. Young people have also expressed the need for access to quality, relevant education beyond primary education, which integrates life skills, vocational training, comprehensive sexual education, peace-building and sustainable development, promotes global citizenship and utilizes informal education methods.
To get the conversation started, we're asking a simple question: What are the main challenges and opportunities to accessing quality education (formal, non-formal and informal) in your country?
Trends and results feed back into the United Nations discussions on our world's future development goals!

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