Friday, February 14, 2014

Globalize 2014: Council of Europe and Global Education

Global Education is an invaluable tool for those that participate.  They are transformed, empowered and gain perspective.  And in 1997, the Council of Europe developed a Charter to encourage Policymakers and Educators to support Global Education and integrate it into traditional school curriculum.

According to the "Global Education Charter", Globalization is the reason Global Education is needed.  "In the past few decades, processes related to globalisation induced major changes - economic, technological, cultural, demographic, environmental and political - which require a definition of responsible global citizenship". The world has become increasingly interconnected as a result of these processes.  The growing "internationalization" of business, trade, travel and communication come with growing migration of people, ideas, goods, as well as conflict, inequity and environmental degradation.  The Council believes Global Education is the tool to help people navigate the negative and positive opportunities of Globalization.

Global Education is defined as a style of learning concerned with encouraging "...people to identify links between the local, the regional and the world-wide level and to address inequality...", with four main points of research and action:

  • inter-dependency 
  • sustainable development
  • environmental awareness and concern
  • human rights (including anti-racism)
  • democracy
  • social justice and peace 

The key objectives are providing consistent and competent answers to complex global questions and an orientation in the present and future world.

Global Education students study factual information through a learning process that integrates attitude, skills and knowledge; acknowledging the relationship between knowledge and context, i.e. what students know from their personal and academic experiences.

Ultimately the Council believes addressing apathy is the goal of Global Education, bridging the gap between knowledge and responsible action.  Building leadership and personal agency.  Global Education not only educates young people, but empowers them as well.  It is unfortunate that not every young person has access to such programming.  InSolidarity commits to changing this with Globalize 2014.  Give Global Education to all students, in all communities, in all disciplines.

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