Saturday, October 26, 2013

International Education and Participatory Action Research

Why did InSolidarity choose to combine International or Global Education and Participatory Action Research (PAR)?  Because they are not that different. Why did InSolidarity choose to write a blog about these topics? Besides being a great draft for a research proposal, I want to engage readers in a conversation about why this education is worth talking about!

Global Education aims to build skills such as critical thinking, personal awareness, empathy and cooperation.  

PAR is participatory, democratic and experiential asking its participants to practice through action and reflection.  

They connect knowledge and understanding to relationships and change.  Global Education offers the skills, knowledge and issues to address a global, interdependent world.  PAR offers the activities, models and processes to develop skills and knowledge to practice in a global, interdependent world.

I will attempt to bridge the two through discussion of their definitions, values, activities, models.  I will conclude in discussing the implications of bridging the two to "Relationships of Change" in Low Income Communities of Color across the world.

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