Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gotta Fly to Haiti

Building Relationships

Together BAJI and InSolidarity are fundraising for a delegation to Haiti to investigate human rights abuses, the US role in those abuses and what Americans can do to act in solidarity with Haitians.

BAJI and InSolidarity

BAJI is an education and advocacy group comprised of African Americans and black immigrant from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.  BAJi provided the African American community with a progressive analysis and framework on immigration that links the interests of African Americans with those of immigrants of color.  

In an effort to build a multinational and multiracial "Beloved Community", BAJI has partnered with InSolidarity.  InSolidarity is a two-way exchange that combines education, international travel and cultural immersion to deepen civic engagement of low-income youth of color.  

BAJI will have accurate and current information to build our "Stand with Haiti" campaign.

InSolidarity will identify long-term partners and develop curriculum for BAJI members, low-income youth of color and community members on future delegations, to and from Haiti.  Together we will build a multinational community ready to work together and create the communities we all want to live in.