Tuesday, March 12, 2013

InSolidarity 2013: An Introduction


InSolidarity is a two-way exchange that combines education, international travel, and cultural immersion to deepen civic engagement of low-income youth of color.  

Inspiration for InSolidarity came from six years of participating and working in International Education programs.  After several challenging conversations and bouts of frustration I saw a serious need for international travel and grassroots organizing to intentionally connect.  By addressing two major gaps in International Education programs, InSolidarity will add to a growing global movement for social justice.  These gaps are:

  • the exclusion/lack of participation by low-income people of color
  • lack of programing that address current global issues and actions  
Addressing these will address these gaps through targeted recruitment, grassroots fundraising and through a Popular Education based curriculum. 

InSolidarity is currently developing Participatory Action Research (PAR) curriculum.  PAR is vital to cross-cultural exchanges as it fosters cooperation, participation, equity, critical thinking and cultural responsiveness.  Through the use of a variety of activities (play, journaling, mapping, dialogue, music, reflection, research), participants will identify parallel struggles with their host country and engage in personal, civic and academic activities intended to have global impact.  

     2013 is the birthing year for InSolidarity.  With the program and curriculum drafted;  we are eager to incorporate, build funds, community and trip leading skills.  

2013 Goals!

Raise $6000 from Do Something Series 

Build the InSolidarity community

Host delegations to Haiti, England and from Brazil.

Coming Up!
Help us raise funds for a delegation to Haiti with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.
Participate in the Do Something Series, classes, events, workshop and trainings to raise awareness, health and money!

Raising Up for Haiti
Consciousness Raising Fundraiser
April 4, 2013 
397 Euclid Ave
Oakland, Ca

Restorative Yoga 
Every Thursday from 6pm-7pm
397  Euclid Ave
Oakland, Ca

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